IT-based Industries

In a Nutshell

When this industry had its emergence, the world even took a faster drift! So is the influence of Information technology in various other sectors. We speak English, German, Latin, etc and after the boom of this field we humans started learning programming languages, Database languages, and web interface languages too. Isn’t marvelous to understand that even machines can learn and work as humans? Though no machine can be compared with a human brain, we can utilize those for various purposes.

STS’s Headhunting Expertise
  • Computing experts are our specialties and they are in large number in our carefully chosen talent pool.
  • We not only cover software professionals but also hardware & telecommunications to support IT transmittance to happen.
  • Experts in various emerging technologies related to IT are the ones that we focus on.
  • Our professionals work in an organized manner to improve work efficiency.
  • Security is a part of every business and this Industry demands it to the core. Having it in mind, we choose professionals accordingly.
  • The database is another important wing that comes under IT and our candidates are no lesser than you expect.
  • We provide you with only the best candidates and we specialize in information technology staffing from the start of our business.
Job Roles

Needless to mention, the IT industry has too many job roles, and here are a few.

  • Data Architect
  • Team Lead
  • System Developer
  • Information Technology Executive
  • System Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Network Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Technical Program Manager
  • Software & Applications Architect
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Full-Stack Engineer
  • Blockchain Engineer
  • Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Solutions Architect
  • Cybersecurity Expert