In a Nutshell

Insurance is a term that reminds the safety of our future. It has its wings such as Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance, and Health insurance. Unexpected sufferings or losses can be managed with this concept of joining hands to help when it’s needed. The little premium that is paid every year may seem to be useless until it reaches the right person at the right time. This industry is operated by a network of professionals both financial as well as non-financial. The insurance industry remains stable at all times even during recessions.

STS’s Headhunting Expertise
  • Our Insurance industry experts can handle your business with care.
  • An organized and administered work environment enables a friction-free workflow
  • Quality in every step is what we guarantee for our clients.
  • Risk assessment is another area where our professionals excel.
  • Great professionals not only work but also market your business. We provide you with such candidates.
  • Changes may happen in this industry so often and our candidates easily tackle any such changes.
  • Aiming for career growth with no downfalls? Then we are the right person to deal with you.
Job Roles

Exploring different career opportunities is not limited to our portal. Have a look at a few of the job roles that we support.

  • Insurance Agent
  • Underwriter
  • Investigation Officer or Adjuster
  • Actuary or Finance estimator
  • Insurance Law Regulator
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Claims Representative