Aerospace & Automobile

In a Nutshell

The aerospace industry helps in connecting countries and people travel overseas mainly because of this. If no aero, then no more globalization! Automobiles as the name suggest aids our mobility, be it regional or national. The former enables international mobility whereas the latter enables mobility within a nation. Travel is a part of everyone’s life and lets us unite to serve the industry better.

STS’s Headhunting Expertise
  • One step can get your business to go international and here we help you to step up.
  • Regional mobility uplifts the Nation’s credibility. We know your region better.
  • Customer-friendly employees are the real assets. We are the best-in-class to pick the right professionals.
  • Fly high and we energize businesses with the right fuel i.e, professionals.
Job Roles

A wide range of job opportunities is available in aerospace & transportation as part of globalization. Connecting countries is not possible without this sector and here is a list of few titles that we support.

  • Aircraft or Spacecraft Designer
  • Aerospace technician
  • Payload Specialist
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Data Processing Manager
  • Inspector & Compliance Office
  • Avionics engineer
  • Aeronautical engineer